Amy Henderson


My clinical practice is rooted in culturally inclusive, trauma-informed, values-based, and collaborative care that interweaves social justice, anti-racism, and LGBTQIA+ affirming work. I deeply believe an individual's diverse identities, values, and cultures are at the center of how they experience the world and I strive to understand each client as the whole and unique person they are. As a provider, I show up with warmth, curiosity, humor, creativity, and non-judgment as we explore your lived experience and build toward your most authentic state of being.

I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with over two years of clinical experience working with individuals, couples, and families and three years of experience as an emergency response advocate supporting survivors of sexual violence. I received my Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern California and I have worked in a wide range of settings including; county-contracted community mental health organizations, community non-profits, college counseling centers, and private practice. I have worked with clients across the lifespan, from children to elder adults, with diverse backgrounds and identities. I have gained experience with a multitude of mental health struggles and have developed a specialty in working with survivors of trauma, sexual violence, and power-based harm. In my practice, I use a client-centered and integrative approach that meets clients where they are while drawing from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Trauma-Informed, Mindfulness, Humanistic, and Narrative approaches. I firmly believe that an authentic, trusting relationship is central to creating a safe and vulnerable space where clients can grow, heal, and gain insight into their experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

I am passionate about providing holistic, client-centered, identity-affirming, sex-positive, and socioculturally attuned services that confront systems of oppression in order to move towards healing. At the core of my clinical work lies humility, acceptance, and the belief that humans are ever-growing so it is important to me that I am always open to alternate paths of thought and that I am always seeking out new ways to grow as a therapist. I use an intersectional lens to help clients gain deeper insight into the underlying thoughts and patterns that drive their distress and I support them in developing the tools to live a more balanced and full life. I aim for my clients to feel both empowered to accept themselves fully and challenged to confront difficult truths in order to develop a transformative view of themselves. When working with clients, I am a fellow traveler in their world and I honor the individuality of each human experience through intentional exploration towards future growth.

When I am not working, I will most likely be spending time being silly with the people I love or avidly consuming reality tv. I love going to the cinema, spin classes, music festivals, and the beach (but not in the ocean). I also love to travel, when I am not visiting my family in the UK, I love exploring new places and being grounded in nature.

Amy is a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and is working under the supervision of Farah Zerehi LMFT #129591.