About Us

Our psychotherapy practice was born from combining two simple dreams:

1) To make the best quality care accessible to a wide variety of clients in need.

2) To have a healthy, happy, and collaborative space for therapists to do the work they love and grow as professionals while having their needs met as employees.

We at Hive Therapy Collective believe that the best quality therapy is the care that meets you where you are and takes your individual needs, intersecting identity, and voice into account. We provide therapy utilizing a variety of approaches and modalities but a few things are always the foundation of our work.

1. Social Justice & Anti-Racism

Active anti-racism, the acknowledgement of systems that oppress people and how they impact the wellbeing and mental health of many individuals across various communities is a cornerstone of the work we do. We also know that acknowledgement is simply not enough. That is why our entire team of clinicians and administrative staff are well-versed in anti-racist ideas, are aligned with anti-racism values, and are committed to understanding that our roles as community healers require we consistently work to accept our roles as students and be willing to examine the systems of bias that have informed every single structure we utilize in our work. Additionally, we recognize that we are formed in these imperfect systems that are flawed in design and are committed to being willing to change and learn as our community continues to work towards equity for all.

2. Authenticity

Our clinicians will model that it is okay to be your authentic self by being authentic with you and transparent about the work you’re doing together.

3. Safety

Our clinicians work to create a space for you to be yourself, bring your thoughts, ideas, and feelings to session to process, and be treated with kindness and respect.

4. Inclusivity

We acknowledge that therapy has not historically been a safe place for many people with certain identities; our clinicians and our practice strive to keep pushing our field in the direction of inclusivity, because everyone deserves healing, safety, and quality care.

5. Community

Shame and stigma are imposed on us when we feel disconnected from our community and therefore, healthy, positive, and inclusive community is needed to work towards healing.

6. Access

We know therapy is not always accessible to every community and we value working hard to bridge those gaps. For that reason, we are working to offer a variety of sliding scale spots, please inquire via email if you would like to inquire about one of these need-based spots.

We know that getting therapy and support is a huge step and we are so excited that you’re here! Therapy is a really individual process and we are here to address any questions or concerns you may have. 

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