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Who We Are

Hive Therapy Collective is a psychotherapy group that specializes in providing high-quality, social justice-focused, trauma-informed, and personalized therapy services for adults, teens, and couples in California.

We believe that good therapy looks different for everyone. We value and celebrate your individuality and we know that finding the right approach to therapy can make all the difference.

We'll walk alongside you whether you're hoping to process your past, work towards future goals, or heal your relationships with yourself or others.

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Picture of Farah Zerehi, LMFT
Farah Zerehi - LMFT - Founder
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Our Values

Personalized Treatment

Quality treatment can only exist when a client’s intersecting identities and their individual needs, as they understand them, are considered

Trauma-Informed Care

Individuals who have experienced trauma best know their stories and what is helpful and hurtful in their healing process


The best quality care can only be provided to our clients when we commit to ensuring that our team of providers’ needs and wellbeing are prioritized

Social Justice & Anti-Racism

Quality therapy services must include a social justice focus and a commitment to active anti-racism as a cornerstone to treatment and care

Cultural Sensitivity

Commitment to providing the best possible services includes openness to learning about the communities we serve

Who we work with

Teens & Young Adults


Couples & Families

California Residents



Calm the worries, manage panic attacks, and cope with stress.


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Learn the skills to take control back from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

PTSD & Trauma

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Immigration Issues

Process your immigration experience and get assistance with immigration assessments and proceedings



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