Ciara Blackwell


My clinical practice is based in trauma-informed and individualized care. I believe in the importance of exploring how race, culture, gender identity and socio-economic status impact our mental health. It is my belief that quality clinical care looks at the individual from a holistic perspective.

I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with four years of experience working with individuals, and families. I received my Masters of Art in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. I have worked clinically with diverse populations such as the unhoused population, formerly incarcerated men and women struggling with severe substance use disorders as well as severe mental health diagnosis. I’ve provided individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy as well as case management services to clients. I support individuals  by utilizing postmodern approaches such as taking a person-centered approach as well as psychodynamic approaches. I believe that our current behaviors and feelings are rooted in our past experiences and if not explored we tend to remain stuck. I invite individuals to explore how their past has affected their current lives and empower them with the belief they do have agency over their lives and negative narratives can begin to shift. I also implement skill building approaches such as DBT, CBT, and ACT into my practice to equip individuals with supportive coping skills. 

My training is grounded in anti-racism, trauma informed, and culturally competent care. My clinical work has a strong foundation in empathy, and compassion. As a Therapist I strive to engage individuals in a way that they not only feel heard but seen. I believe as a therapist it's important for me to create a safe and compassionate space where individuals feel motivated to explore their inner selves and maximize their full potential.

When I’m not working I love spending time with my dog (Peppa pig), family and friends. I love traveling and exploring different restaurants around the world. I also enjoy creative writing and expressing myself through poetry.

Ciara Blackwell is a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and is working under the supervision of Sarah Tayebi LCSW #63761.